Bonus: 7 More Conversion Rate Tools

The following list includes my go-to CRO tools when analyzing and optimizing websites for design and UX.

These tools will boost your conversion rates even higher and now, with a combined toolkit of 21 CRO tools, you really start to see your website sales grow!

Bonus #1: Google PageSpeed Insights
Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool analyzes your website speed for both desktop and mobile versions of your website and provides specific instructions on how to increase page load time. Start with your top 10 most visited webpages in order to prioritize development resources.
Cost: Free

Bonus #2: Concept Feedback
Concept Feedback is a community of 27,000+ design, UX and CRO professionals working together to help give feedback to its members. Using the Concept Feedback platform, you can review and comment on webpage designs and have other professionals comment and provide suggestions on how to improve your landing pages.
Cost: Free

Bonus #3: Balsamiq
Every conversion rate optimization expert will need to create wireframes and mockups for designers to create and Balsamiq is the go-to tool that you need. Balsamiq is an easy-to-use wireframe tool that allows you to create mock-ups for your home page, landing pages and mobile pages using design templates.
Cost: Free (trial version)

Bonus #4: WebPageTest
Similar to Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, WebPageTest analyzes your website and provides clear instructions on how to make your website load faster. The difference between the two tools is that WebPageTest provides a video that shows you slow-loading page elements and it also allows you to compare your site speed with several competitors.
Cost: Free

Bonus #5: Google Tag Manager
Implementing multiple lines of JavaScript and HTML will not only slow down your website but, if you outsource development costs, it will also increase your monthly spend. Google Tag Manager allows you to manage all of your conversion rate tool scripts with one single code. You can manage your code easily and implement new scripts quickly.
Cost: Free

Bonus #6: Responsive Test
Optimizing your website for smartphone and tablet users is no longer optional, with mobile visits expected to overtake desktop visits later this year. Response Test is a free tool that allows you to test your website in various pre-set screen size settings or you can customize the screen size by editing the height/ width. Use your web analytics data to identify visits from device and to test how your website is being displayed.
Cost: Free

Bonus #7: LeadPages
LeadPages is a landing page builder that allows you to create landing pages that are responsive design. LeadPages offers three products; their signature product LeadPages, which is a landing page builder, LeadBox, which is a pop up designed to capture email addresses and LeadLinks, which allows your visitors to opt in to webinars or newsletters with one-click.
Cost: $37 per month

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