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Most companies get caught up in bureaucracy and internal politics. They spend all their time in meetings and struggle to see their business grow.

We get things done! We implement like hell and make sure you start seeing a return within weeks.

No nonsense fluff, just great results that you can take to the bank.


Who we are

Steven Macdonald

Steven Macdonald

Steven Macdonald has a 8 year track-record of growing online sales in organizations all around the world. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Steven is knowledgeable, action-oriented and he gets the job done. He is  a frequent contributor to several leading online marketing publications.



Karl Philip Lund

Karl Philip Lund

KP is considered one of the main online competences in Scandinavian e-commerce. He has helped over 30 companies boost their online sales. By focusing on getting the job done, he  inspires e-commerce web teams, student and business entrepreneurs. He is a frequent lecturer on e-commerce events and he teaches digital marketing at the Oslo School of Management. Results are what matters, and that is what KP will give you.


Bjørn Omsland

Bjørn Omsland

Bjørn is a dedicated and business-oriented software developer. He ran his own development company for 6 years before he joined Norwegian retailer Enklere Liv as director of IT. He now works on several development projects and blogs at Tribes.no.


Our values

Values are important to us. We prefer working with people whose values are closely aligned with ours. Here’s KingsPoint’s values:

  • Deliver “WOW”
  • Change is good – Embrace it
  • It should be fun to work
  • Sharing /( Ubuntu)
  • Implement like hell
  • Candor -Work hard – be nice
  • Do more with less
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Friends before money
  • Consistency
  • Making an impact


What we do

During the last four years, we’ve helped companies increase sales by more than $300 million. You can read all about the success stories we have created here.

We focus on increasing your online sales and training people so that when we leave, you can still maintain the success.

We work with conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, search engine marketing, email marketing and web analytics. We drive visitors to your website and help convert them.

Here’s a great example;

A leading Scandinavian eCommerce store wanted to grow their online sales. By optimizing their website for search engines and implementing our conversion rate framework, we we’re able to grow organic traffic from 4,000 visits to 28,000 visits, which in turn led to organic sales increasing by $350,000.


In order to increase your online sales, we work with a wide range of online marketing tools and we’ll make sure you get the reports you need to show how much more you are selling. We focus on the stuff that matters to make sure you see your sales increase.

Still not convinced?

Here’s another example; this time we’re using a B2B website.

A European leader in software asked to help them grow.  Again, by focusing on search engine visibility, content marketing and conversion rate optimization, conversion rate has increased from 0.41% to 2.15%.




Brands that trust us

We only work with a handful of clients at a time. Because we enjoy working with online marketing, we invest ALL OUR TIME working with you. We don’t work 9-5, we can always be reached. Because of this, we limit the number of projects we take on.

We’re currently working with:


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Featured in

We like to write, and enjoy sharing our experience in online marketing on some of the best blogs on the web.

You can read more about us in these publications (or click here for a full list).

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